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I’m totally gonna be that person who keep changing their plans, this time because I was OCD and bothered by the fact all my characters had blonde hair, like what the heck I’m not buying 7 blonde wigs.Anyway, so I decided to plan for some things I started but didn’t finish and also to accomodate for some groups. The top row are all mostly done which is cool, sooo here we go!
kittycatkissu: I just want to thank you and say that i really appreciate the fact that you got Sheryl's hair right. Most cosplayers just give her flat top hair despite the fact that she has those curled over bumps at the top....if that makes any sense at all lol.

I totally know what you mean <3 I spent ages looking for something with extra volume, even if its just a little but this wig was such a gem to find. I really appreciate your message!~

Anonymous: That Sheryl costume looks great! Could you please link to the wig too?

Thank you~! Here’s the link c:

Sheryl Nome - Macross Frontier makeup test

Makeup rundown:
Concealer: Maybelline NY Fit me! in classic ivoryLiquid foundation: Maybelline NY Dream Liquid Mousse in classic ivoryEyeliner: Revlon colorstay liquid eyepen in Blackest blackFinishing Powder: Avon Smooth mineral finishing powder in IvoryEyeshadow: Australis Pamper Palette silverLipcolor: Max Factor Max effect Gloss cube in Spicy PlumBlush: Australis Pamper Palette peachMascara: Revlon Double twist in Black
Elizabeth - Kuroshitsuji
So for two months all I&#8217;ve had left to do to this whole costume is iron it and make some leggings, aaand I still haven&#8217;t. I&#8217;m also waiting on my wig which should show up sometime soon. This took ages to make but was actually really cheap! I got all the fabric at a special sale, so it was only a few dollars a yard. I think I paid about $60 for all the fabric, paint, threads and lace, shoes are just my Lili ones with buttons, and lace and have been painted. All the stripey parts and the crowns are handpainted, I made all of it bar one of the two petticoats and the boots themselves. Can&#8217;t wait to hurry up and make the leggings and get the wig so I can show this off. And iron it so the underskirt looks less tragic, haha. I also need to roll up the outer petticoat to make it shorter.Aaand yeah that&#8217;s it.
Custom made Sheryl Nome - Macross frontier cosplay costume from yycos on taobao. 
Taobao order arrived which means I recieved:
Sheryl nome cosplay and wig
10 Items of clothing a pair of fashion boots
Shingeki no Kyojin boots
So awesome.

Another taobao haul tomorrow! I’ll be receiving a bunch of clothing items, my Shingeki no Kyojin boots, and my Sheryl nome cosplay and wig.

Looking forward to it! (Especially after so many delays uwu)

I finished most of my Snow White cosplay! I just need to remake the skirt as I decided I want it to be accurate length rather than the shorter length I made initally. After seeing it turn out so well I wanted the whole thing to be as accurate as possible. I hope it looks good! Diiiisney &lt;3