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Majorly cut down my cosplay plans and I feel really good about it, to be honest. I’m growing tired of having to budget so much. I can buy most of this fabric and the wigs off taobao in one go so these will be the characters I will be doing. It’s going to be a lot of fun!
Custom made Sheryl Nome - Macross frontier cosplay costume from yycos on taobao. 
Taobao order arrived which means I recieved:
Sheryl nome cosplay and wig
10 Items of clothing a pair of fashion boots
Shingeki no Kyojin boots
So awesome.

Another taobao haul tomorrow! I’ll be receiving a bunch of clothing items, my Shingeki no Kyojin boots, and my Sheryl nome cosplay and wig.

Looking forward to it! (Especially after so many delays uwu)

I finished most of my Snow White cosplay! I just need to remake the skirt as I decided I want it to be accurate length rather than the shorter length I made initally. After seeing it turn out so well I wanted the whole thing to be as accurate as possible. I hope it looks good! Diiiisney <3
So many new followers lately, hi there! Here’s a selfie of me normally, haha aside from a wig. Anyway, I realize I don’t have a proper about me here, so let me explain:
My name is Casey, I am almost 21! I live in the capital city of New Zealand. I study pattern making and am a qualified machinist (Meaning I can sew things professionally now) I am hoping to get qualified in pattern making and then move onto a diploma where I get to make lingerie, swimsuits and my own fashion line, but getting in is competitive so we will see. My hobbies include cosplay and lolita. I adore fashion and sewing. I order from taobao a lot. I like to cosplay a variety of things - from evil gyaru bitches to pretty princesses and magical girls! I have many big costume plans for this year and a lot hope to get two more lolita outfits together as I only have three so far - Punk, Sailor and sweet. I want to get a classic coordinate and a hime one! (If I’m lucky I can try another style too but we will see how I go)My current sewing projects are:-Snow white - Disney (KH: Birth by sleep vers)-Elizabeth - Kuroshitsuji But I have a whole stack of costumes planned for this year.Feel free to send me asks and messages, I don’t bite and I really like to help whether it’s about where I got something off taobao or maybe some sewing help.Thanks and welcome cuties!
My Shingeki no Kyojin cosplay arrived last Thursday but I didn’t put it on until today as I had no idea how to put on the harness! Finally figured it out though. I think I’m pretty a’ight as Christa. 

Hi followers! I just wanted to say thanks to you guys for bearing with me ♥  I really appreciate you guys a lot. Hopefully I will have more cosplay and lolita to share soon 。◕ ‿ ◕。