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So I got some more stuff off taobao for decorating my room etc. it was at this point I realized my order was 21.1kg, and 13kg after you ignore all the shoes. 

This is going to take 14 shipments I s2g. Not really though, going to split it into 4 shipments over a few months, but from now on - no more splurging /buy what you neeeed/
blackflame16: Oh crap sorry! The dark blue one in the left corner this one? They have a new listing now, just jump into the stores item gallery.

Heres the shop

blackflame16: You always find the cutest things on taobao! Can I get the links to the black skirt, blue dress, and the cross dress/shirt?

Hi there and thank you (:
Black skirt:
Cross dress:
Can you please inbox me describing which blue dress you are after? Thanks n.n

Current taobao haul, it’s massive and I’m getting some of it sent to me soon (:
Finished one of the cuffs for meruru! They take ages… Gonna do the second another day v.v
Anonymous: Hello. I've just got a couple of questions about Auckland Armageddon 'cause I'm thinking of going for the first time this year but I'm a bit unsure. If you've got time to answer That'd be really great. One, how big and exciting is it compared to Wellington Armageddon? two, is it worth going at all? Flying there will be so expensive and it'll eat up nearly all of my cosplay savings for this year. Thank you very much :) sorry I'm too shy to ask off anon

Hi sweetie! Im happy to answer you. Auckland armageddon is AWESOME. Bigger venue, more people and cosplayers, more stalls and heaps of gaming set ups! Its honesty better, more exciting and bigger than wellygeddon. Its definitely worth going to. Myself and my partner are going but didnt want to spend much, so we got bus tickets for $35 return from welly to auck each and are staying with family. If you are worried about money, try to cut costs somewhere, or try to make sales if you can. I do believe if you go, youll have a wonderful time! And np on the anon thing