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Quick photo of me in Cosmic Series OP.
My laptop is currently being fixed so all my review photos are on there. Photos will be coming soon tho!
Ooooh this wig is gorgeous, Id love to win it
Anonymous: I was just wondering, what agent(s) would you suggest when buying things off Taobao?

Hi there, my agent is pretty meh, but try bhiner and yoybuy (:

Anonymous: who did you get your cosmic replica from?

Here you go (:

Massive Taobao Lolita and cosplay Haul review

Finally I am putting up this review for the massive amount of taobao items I got in the mail. Pic and text heavy under the cut.

(Bodyline review in a few days, check back in for that)


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Just letting you guys know I haven’t forgotten about the bodyline and taobao reviews! They will be coming soon I promise (:

For now, here’s a makeup test for Alice from Alice Madness returns!
lethaltoxin: I hate to bother but I see you got a cosmic series replica op and I was wondering if you'd share the link and a small review? I was hoping to order one for Halloween to gore up. Thank you!

Hi there - heres the link
I’m going to do a proper review with links tomorrow but I will give you a small review now (:
I got it because I wanted to see if the style looked okay on me before buying similar styled items. Anyway, the print is SO crisp and there are no errors on it at all. The lace is the same as the real one, it uses the same glittery ribbon and it has the glitter buttons. It is fully lined. The only thing to take note of is when I tried it on one of the buttons came off, but easy fix. I think its worth the money, it’s almost shocking how accurate to the original it is.

Meruru is almost done! Need to paint the flowers, sew the necktie and get some triming to wrap around the buttons
Taobao haul review coming soon!